Thin Thighs

The other night my 7-year-old made a comment about how thin another girl’s thighs were compared to her own (which are quite thin already.)  She brightly said, “I wish we were all like her!”

Imagine how my heart sank.  Is it happening already?

Girls, we don’t have television channels.  I don’t think my girls even know what a commercial is.  Most of their friends here are m. kids.  But no girl is immune.  The call of the world is very loud:

You need to look like this.

Where did she get this?  Where did a first grader pick up the idea that skinny is good?

I don’t talk about weight or size.  I never let the girls see me get on a scale.  I make sure I only talk about foods being healthy for our body: never that they can make us bigger or smaller.

I’m reminded of an article I read the other day.  H&M is a popular clothing store here.  I think you have them in the states too.  Anyway, it was discovered that they were using a digitally designed body to model their clothing – and sticking live models’ heads on top.  They colored the skin to match the model’s head – so it looked like a real body.  But it wasn’t.  It was flawless and perfect and almost completely unattainable (without big-time dieting and some plastic surgery thrown in.)

[I don’t want to post the picture here, but  click here to see.

Do you look like those girls?  I don’t.  Never have and never will.

Those of us with daughters have a fight ahead: to raise girls into women who recognize that their loveliness is internal.  And that while it is good to be healthy, our worth is not found in our appearance.  Not at all.

What a hard lesson to learn…. because, aren’t we all still learning that ourselves???

I do believe prayer is the first weapon in this battle.  I also want to start reading more about raising girls, specifically.  I ordered “Keeping the Little in Your Girl” which I’m looking forward to reading.  And a few others.

I know this isn’t the first time I’ve posted on this subject, and I can promise you it won’t be the last! =)

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  1. I agree that prayer is our most powerful weapon to fight the old lie that women are only worth how they look. It can even be difficult to be a strong woman in certain church circles that tend to be more “christian” than Christ-like. May God give you strength and wisdom to raise up women of true worth!

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