Legoland, Part 2 !

Yesterday we visited Legoland when it was actually open.  Places are more fun when they are open.

2007-03-04 02 30 31 (2) (Copy)

It was sunny and beautiful, and we had a great time.  We are so thankful to my sweet friend for giving us tickets!  Thank you, M!!!  If I had had a phone with me, I would have sent you a picture of us actually in the park! =)

2015-03-07 20.57.40 (Copy) 2015-03-07 21.44.47 (Copy)

Is that one cool auntie, or what?!  Never mind that she is in last place.  She wins for style.

2015-03-07 21.59.56 (Copy)

Warm enough for water play in March – this is what I love about California!

2015-03-07 23.36.03 (Copy) 2015-03-07 23.40.53 (Copy)

It was a great day – such fun memories with our cousins. =)

Our Attempt at Legoland =)

A friend gave us some Legoland tickets that she had, so my sister and I took the kids!  We drove for two hours only to pull up to a “Legoland : Closed” sign!!!!  We were really in shock.  Who would have thought they’d close an amusement park?  Maybe in the wintertime in Maine, but here?!  (Turns out they close it on Tuesdays and Wednesdays during off season.)

We were disappointed, but the kids handled it so well.  We were able to go through the Aquarium (which was open) and then headed 5 mins. down the street to the beach!

unnamed (2)

We didn’t have swim suits or beach clothes or even towels.  But we did have picnic lunches and the ability to roll up our sweat pants. =)  It was a perfectly beautiful, warm and sunny day.

2007-02-20 04 44 04 (2) (Copy) 2007-02-20 04 43 26 (2) (Copy) 2007-02-20 04 45 09 (2) (Copy)

We headed back home after stopping for frozen yogurt.  It wasn’t the day we were expecting, but it was still a fun day. =)

2007-02-20 06 57 41 (2) (Copy)

ps:  The moral of the story: ALWAYS make sure your destination is open! =)

Scootering in February

There’s a wonderful bakery that’s a half-hour scooter ride away.  We’d never scootered there before but tried it the other day, and it was fun.  I just can’t get over the fact that we are scootering in t-shirts in FEBRUARY!!!  Winter in California is amazing.

2015-02-15 20.03.29 (Copy)

Upside-down buckets on scooters : the girls’ newest creations.  We spend a lot of time outdoors which I love.

2015-02-16 01.42.04 (Copy)

Fires and Games

Sierra had a fun field trip to a nearby fire station.  We learned a lot!  Here she is getting to shoot the fire hose.

2015-01-26 21.37.12 (Copy) 2015-01-26 21.37.56 (Copy)

We’re doing Awana this year, and they had a “Super Saturday” with lots of outdoor games – the day before the Super Bowl.

2015-01-31 01.55.04 (Copy) 2015-01-31 01.51.39 (Copy)

We had dinner at my parents’ house one night and just thought it was fun to watch the cousins playing together.  We’re so thankful for the time they are getting to spend together.  This is the first time (this furlough year) that they are really getting to know each other.

IMG_1982 (3) (Copy)

Savannah’s Baptism

Savannah was baptized today.  It was special to get to have all my family there.  The sisters and cousins sat front and center. =)  Our continual prayer is that Savannah will follow hard after Jesus all her life.

IMG_1966 (2) (Copy)

This is what Savannah read:

“My name is Savannah. When I was 5 Daddy read the story of Jesus dying on the cross and saving us from our sins. Jesus died because our sin separated us from God, and his death took the punishment for our sins. Afterward, I started crying because I felt sorry for Jesus when he was on the cross because God had turned His back on him.
Then my mom asked me if I wanted Jesus to forgive my sins and be the Lord of my life, and we prayed together. I kept crying afterward and Mommy kept reminding me that there was a happy ending when Jesus rose from the dead. And it was on Good Friday that all this happened.
I am thankful that Jesus helps me in my life. My favorite verse is Titus 3:5 : “…he saved us, not because of righteous things we had done, but because of his mercy. He saved us through the washing of rebirth and renewal by the Holy Spirit…” I wanted to get baptized to show other people that I am a Christian.”

IMG_0733 (2) (Copy)


As much as we enjoy Mexican food and the convenience of Wal-mart while here in CA, the highlight of coming back is always the people.  It is so much fun to reconnect with friends.

We got together with this special family on Martin Luther King Day.  We always love seeing them.  The kids did great together.

_DSC8739 (2) (Copy)

These are the kids now…

_DSC8732 (2) (Copy)

And these are the kids on our furlough 3 years ago… along with our other friends’ kids who have since moved.  Oh they were all so little and cute!

germanyamerica (2)

Savannah and Ashley really love these two girls who have become new friends here – they are the daughters of some of Chris’s college friends and live in the area – so that is extra fun.

2015-01-11 01.03.25 (Copy)

Savannah has really connected with S – it’s been fun for her to have a special friend here.

2015-01-24 00.27.28 (Copy)

We got together with some other friends nearby – we met at a huge park in the middle – and the kids had such a fun time together, and I loved getting to talk with their mom – the dads weren’t able to come.  Lovely weather (that seems to be true of almost every day here!! and a great park for exploring….

2015-01-31 00.05.20 (Copy) 2015-01-31 00.20.19 (Copy)

I really love this age.  I don’t know what future furloughs will be like, but at this age, the girls seem to have a great time with all of our friends’ kids.  Friendship when you’re a kid is often so sweet and simple!

2015-01-31 00.21.46 (Copy)

Turning 6 in the Great Outdoors

Sierra turned 6!  Ahhhh!  We celebrated with my family at a really fun park.

2015-01-09 23.55.23 (Copy)

Sierra is SWEET.  She is an absolute dolly, and we just love her to pieces.  She makes a perfect finish to our Three Musketeers.

2015-01-09 23.54.59 (Copy)

I love for the kids to be running around and exploring in nature so this park was great for that.  It was even worth all the shoe scrubbing I had to do at home…. we got into the van when it was time to head home and immediately smelled that smell – all three girls had managed to step in dog poop!  4 shoes’ worth! =(  But at least they had a fun afternoon, huh?!

2015-01-10 00.14.39 (Copy)

Golf carts and a Frozen party to bring in the New Year

Chris’s mom and brother and wife flew down from Canada and rented a place out in Palm Desert for the week after Christmas.  It was fun to get to spend time together.  One of the highlights for the girls was riding around the little streets in the golf carts.

On New Year’s Eve, their aunt and uncle organized a “Frozen Party.”  They did such a fun decorating job, got the movie “Frozen” for us to watch and an ice cream cake for dessert.  So thoughtful!  The girls loved it. =)

IMG_4123 (3) (Copy)

The Reluctant Mary and Other Christmas Tidings

The girls had Christmas programs – Sierra is standing by the microphone. IMG_1844 (2) (Copy) Ashley was Mary.  She did a great job, but she was quite the Reluctant Mary.  I’m not sure why she did not want to be Mary, but my hunch was that she didn’t want to be up there with a “husband.”  I can totally understand that – I still remember the Kindergarten teacher sending me to my desk to put my head down because I refused to be the wife in “The Farmer in the Dell.”  =) IMG_1845 (2) (Copy) Christmas Eve… 2014-12-24 09.17.34 (Copy) IMG_0697 (2) (Copy) IMG_0689 (2) (Copy) We spent some time on Christmas at a lovely park in the hills.  It was nice to be outside. 2014-12-24 22.34.33 (Copy) Every year I had some pages to the “Grandparents’ Album” at Christmastime for my parents and Chris’s mom.  It was such fun to get to be here to see my parents look through the pages. FullSizeRender (11) (Copy)


We used to try to go to Disneyland on our furloughs back to CA, but the prices have just gotten ridiculous.  So this year we went to Knott’s Berry Farm with my family instead.  The weather was perfect, it wasn’t crowded, and we had so much fun there – for a fraction of Disneyland’s price.  (So there, Disneyland – we don’t need you! =)

2014-12-09 00.20.53 (Copy) 2014-12-09 00.44.01 (Copy) 2014-12-09 00.43.28 (Copy) 2014-12-09 00.57.57 (Copy) 

The girls loved their first funnel cake experience. =)

2014-12-09 01.22.12 (Copy)